Kayak Fishing Ethics: To Share or Not to Share, A Honey Hole Conundrum.

We have all seen it, a picture of a beautiful fish or a personal best posted on the kayak fishing pages, or numerous other fishing chats, and boards around the inter nets.  I can almost without a doubt guarantee that one of the first comments besides the classic “Nice fish”, will be “where did you catch it? What lake?”  With the prevalence of social media in our day to day life, and the sharing of lifes daily adventures being a mere click away, how do we appropriately share information, without blowing out fishing holes, while still being a champion of the sport of kayak fishing?

A little football from a local trout pond!

I know I’ve been guilty of it in the past.  Casually asking for a spot. Some people share, some people don’t.  Is it rude to ask? I would say no. However, the majority of serious anglers will flat out ignore the question.   Some of the more lighthearted ones will mention a nonexistent lake, or a lake that doesn’t hold that species to send the would-be inquirer on a wild internet goose chase. A good example being that most of us have heard of the Vegreville Trout pond at one time or another.

A Walter from Pigeion Lake


The best advice I can give, would be to always have a few better-known lakes in mind to share with fellow kayak anglers new to the area, or the sport. One can also share fishing resources that through some simple internet sleuthing will result in better then average places to fish.   Everybody and their brother know there’s pike and walleye in Wabamun lake. If you’ve fished Alberta for any length of time, your aware of the ledge at Pigeon where you can fill your walleye tags to your hearts content. The local trout ponds that are everywhere throughout Alberta is another good one to share.    If every new kayak angler is given the cold shoulder when it comes to locations, it will make it harder to attract newer anglers to the sport.  Sharing resources that will help the newer or experienced angler find new kayak fishing spots is also encouraged, you’re not sharing your honey hole, but helping people find there own Eden. 

Did you know Goldeye is two letters away from a James Bond movie!-Red Deer River


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