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Teen River SUP 4 day
The Teen 4 day program is a day camp full of SUP paddling instruction for teens from ages 13 - 18. With the Badfish SUP Team Athlete Reta!


The Teen 4 day SUP program is a day camp of paddling instruction for teens from ages 13 - 18. With Badfish Team Athlete Reta!


The aim of this program is to introduce participants to the world of whitewater SUP in a safe and fun manner.  The progression of this course starts working on the fundamental flatwater skills building all the way up to a fun/challenging Class II+/III whitewater run on the Friday.  The course structure focuses on solid skill development at all stages, along with basic river safety and rescue concepts taught by the Badfish SUP Team Athlete Reta.  Our goal is to instil a passion for paddling with a focus on fun and most of all safety in all paddlers.


After completing this course participants can expect to have a good understanding of SUP river paddling concepts and to have experienced some class II/III- rapids in a safe and well managed environment.  After this course, paddlers will be ready to join whitewater SUP events at river festivals in the area, take an advanced course and get out with the local club.