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Advanced River Running SUP Skills Evenings with Reta
Join one or all of these more technical River Sup clinics Each session will cover something different and will be progressive.







Join one or all of these more technical River SUP clinics with Badfish Team Athlete Reta Boychuk. Each session will cover something different and will be progressive to include a variety of skill levels. Recommend for those looking to build a solid foundation to start taking the next steps into bigger water. 


1. On the edge * Get confident challenging stronger eddy lines and making  jet ferries by finding your balance on edge! 

2. Drop it  * stomp every drop, by building foundation skills and dialling key body movements to keep your river running clean in bigger features! 

3. Surfing * perfect your entries, exits and and learn the key components of SUP surfing such as the Rudder stroke, and pressure control. 

4. S-turns * Learn to transition smoothly between edges as you cross current and maneuver in an out of every eddy.

5. Your offside *  learn to make quick corrections to your path by utilizing a new offside  stroke and keep your momentum moving forward! 



For each participant to have a personal progression with their river skills, making stronger eddies, cleaning drops, surfing and committing to their feet with confidence in their movements.  


After completing this course participants can expect to feel comfortable participating in SUP events and taking processing to new river sites. .*complete all 5 and receive a paddle Canada river 2 skills certifications

NOTE:  In the Calgary area, the closest and best option for SUP (in our humble opinion) is the Bow River.  This course will show you the ins and outs of River SUP as well as provide you with a great section of river to paddle in the future.