Pincher Creek Beyond the Intro Full Day
A reinforcement skills day to take after the Intro to River Kayaking Weekend.


The Beyond Intro Course is an extension of the Intro to River Kayaking Weekend.


The aim of this program is to reinforce and practise the skills learned on the Intro to River Kayaking Course and to elaborate on them as participants gain confidence in the basic skills.  The session will be done on a section of river that is within the groups comfort level in order to maximize learning opportunities and to dial in existing and new maneuvers.


After completing this course participants can expect to have the ability to perform ferries and eddy turns in Class I/II- moving water with little to no coaching.  Paddlers will also have a good grasp on basic rescues (self and assisted).  Instructors will give personal feedback to all participants to paint a clear picture of the best next steps to further paddling proficiency.