AST 1 - Weekend Courses
Avalanche Canada's introduction to Avalanche Skills Program

NEW for 2021, Splitboard HQ introduces a restructured AST 1 with TWO field days. Students will be required to complete some pre-course reading, which will be expanded on during two field days with an ACMG guide. This course provides an introduction to being in the backcountry within the scope of the Avalanche Canada AST 1 program. We'll cover concepts of using terrain to minimize hazard, basic snow stability tests, travel tips and more.

Given that many of our students are on splitboards for the first time (we welcome ski tourers), we do tie in a syllabus around using splitboards effectively. We do this in a way that compliments the avalanche safety content. We feel this provides a well-rounded syllabus, with a good number of tangible takeaways in both safety and technique.

Our AST 1 programs are suitable for snowboarders on splitboards (discount rentals available LIMITED QUANTITY) and skiers on touring setups.

At the end of the course you will be awarded an Avalanche Canada AST 1 certification.