Splitboard Rentals 2017/18

Splitboard Rentals 2017/18

Simon Coward
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Words By: Splitboard HQ Team

Hi Everyone,

With all this snow falling it is definitely time to be thinking about heading out to the mountains to get some riding in for the season.  At Splitboard HQ we have a large rental fleet on Splitboards and avalanche safety gear.  Below is a list of boards (and which lengths) we have available for rent, along with prices for different rental packages. 

Please note, if you are thinking of buying a board we offer up to $100 (in the same winter season) back on a board purchase* based on your rentals for the year

(eg.  You rent 2 times and pay $99.90 in rental fees and you buy a board for $899, we would deduct the $99.90 from the total of the board price)

* Only valid on boards at full retail price


Board Brand & Name Length (cm) Style of Board
G3 Blacksheep 158 All Mountain
G3 Blacksheep 162 All Mountain
Prior Spearhead 172 Big Guy Charger
Prior Backcountry 165 Big Mountain
Prior AMF 159 Backcountry Freestyle
Prior Khyber 160 Floaty Pow Cruiser
Prior Brandywine (Womens) 154 Womens All Mountain
Prior Lupin (Womens) 150 Womens Backcountry Freestyle
Prior Lupin  (Womens) 153 Womens Backcountry Freestyle
Olive Exodus 154 Full Rockered Pow Charger
Olive Exodus 158 Full Rockered Pow Charger
Olive Exodus 162 Full Rockered Pow Charger
Olive Exodus 164 Full Rockered Pow Charger
Olive Numbchuck 162 Directional Pow Rider
Olive Splitzo 164 All Mountain Gun


The Works: Splitboard, skins, bindings, poles, transceiver, probe, shovel $64.95
Splitboard, skins, bindings $49.95
Avalanche Safety Pack: Transceiver, probe, shovel $15.00
Tranciever $10.00
Probe $5.00
Avalanche Shovel $5.00
Collapsible Poles $15.00

To reserve a rental, call us at 403-288-9288 or email info@splitboardhq.com.  A $15.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your rental, which can be paid in person or over the phone with a Visa or Mastercard.  We offer every third rental day for free, so if you head out for a long weekend (3 days) you only pay for 2. 

As always, give us a shout if you have any questions or would like to reserve a rental.  Here’s to a fun, safe, and pow-filled winter!

The Splitboard HQ Team

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